Water slide equipment in water park equipment can be divided into two categories: large slides for tourists and smaller slides for kindergartens. Each set of equipment must be inspected and accepted with a certificate before use, and must be designed to meet safety requirements. Structural analysis must consider permanent load, live load, wind load, snow load, seismic load and impact load. Finite element method is used for analysis, making force analysis more accurate and comprehensive.



“Water Slides: Not Just for Kids Anymore!”

Who says water slides are just for kids? With the large water slides found in water park equipment, even adults can have a blast! But before you go sliding down those massive slides, let’s take a closer look at the structural analysis of water slide equipment.

First off, water slide equipment can be classified into two categories: the large water slides found in water parks and the smaller ones commonly used in kindergartens. The former is designed for tourists to slide down, so safety and stability are of utmost importance.

In fact, large-scale water slide equipment must meet certain production qualification requirements. It belongs to the category of special equipment and must be inspected, tested, and accepted with a certificate before use. And since most water slides are installed outdoors, the natural environment can greatly affect their structure. That’s why engineers must calculate and analyze the strength, stiffness, fatigue strength, stability, overturning resistance, and side-slip resistance of the structure to ensure the safety factor required by the corresponding code.

When analyzing the structure of water slide equipment, various loads must be considered, such as permanent load, live load, wind load, snow load, seismic load, and impact load. And let’s not forget about the three parts that make up the water slide structure: the glass steel slide, steel structure, and concrete foundation.

To ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness in the force analysis, the finite element method is introduced in the analysis of water slide structure. This method is suitable for various complex mechanisms in water slide equipment and has become one of the effective analysis methods.

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