how to check if a Chinese Company is lawful

There are many clients wonder How do I verify a Chinese certificate?
That is A GOOD question before you are going to deal with any China Company. 

By Alunch Lun

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“As for a water park project, the total amount is always very large for an investor.Before making payment , I want to check if a chinese company exists. How do I check a company registration number in China? “

Let me teach you how to do Step by Step.


Click the Link: 

this link is provided by the business licence authorized by China Govertment , see the bottom of the above pictures


but unlucky,it is in Chinese , how can I read it ? No worry, friend.

And now , you can translate the Chinese into English

just right click the google Chrome blowser and select tranlate into English


And now get the company name in Chinese from the business licence , which is “广州蓝潮水上乐园设备有限公司”

Copy the red rectangle "广州蓝潮水上乐园设备有限公司"


Input the Chinese Name of company,such as 广州蓝潮水上乐园设备有限公司 or 梅州蓝潮水上乐园设备制造有限公司


click the Inquire button here


Make sure the Chinese Name is what your want to inquiry.


Right click the Chrome Brower to translate into English.


Click the company title and view more information in the Chinese database


Translate it into English again.Scroll down you can learn more about the company.


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