Water parks are now considering the development of four-season operations due to unpredictable weather. Weather affects large water park equipment, especially in summer and winter, when lightning protection and antifreeze tasks must be done properly. Lanchao is a national high-tech enterprise with 60+ patents and first-class tourism planning and design qualification.



How to Reduce Weather Damage to Water Park Equipment? Let’s Make a Splash!

Weather can be a real party pooper when it comes to water parks. But fear not, my fellow aqua enthusiasts! We’ve got some tips to help reduce weather damage to water park equipment.

First off, let’s talk about the big guns – the large water park equipment. These bad boys are usually outdoors and take up a lot of space, so they’re more susceptible to weather damage. Seasonal changes, especially during the rainy and thunderstorm seasons, can really put a damper on operations. And let’s not forget about lightning strikes – those tall structures are like magnets for lightning bolts.

But don’t worry, we’ve got a plan. To protect water park equipment from weather changes, we recommend a unilateral inspection in advance. And for those pesky lightning strikes, we suggest investing in some extra lightning protection equipment.

Now, let’s talk about the winter and summer seasons. In winter, ice can form and damage water park equipment if the antifreeze task isn’t performed properly. And in summer, the weather is unpredictable and there are more passengers, so the duty to protect is crucial. But fear not, my friends! Many large water parks are now combining on-site designed water park equipment and custom equipment to not only achieve uniqueness but also reduce weather damage.

And if you’re looking for a reliable water park equipment manufacturer, look no further than Lanchao. With production bases of approximately 120,000 square meters in Conghua, Guangzhou and Xinfeng, Shaoguan, Lanchao strictly follows the 6s standard on-site management and ISO9001 system to ensure safe production and product quality. Plus, their products have obtained more than 60 patents and they’re the first national high-tech enterprise in the industry.

So, let’s make a splash and protect our water park equipment from those pesky weather changes. And if you need some inspiration for your next water park adventure, check out Lanchao’s website at

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