Water amusement park equipment must follow certain precautions, such as distance between equipment, water depth, wave height, and safety grids. These precautions ensure the safety of tourists.



Classification of Water Amusement Park Equipment and Matters Needing Attention

Are you planning a trip to a water amusement park? Well, before you dive in, let’s talk about the classification and precautions of water amusement park equipment.

Firstly, make sure that the distance between water amusement park equipment and adjacent amusement equipment is not less than 0.6m. We don’t want any accidental collisions ruining your fun!

Next, pay attention to the water depth of the amusement area of the wave-making pool. It should not be greater than 1.8m, and the bottom of the pool should be sloped with a slope not greater than 8%. Safety first, folks!

For the spiral water slide, the water depth of the splash area should be 0.8m ~ 0.9m, while the kid’s water slide should have a splash area depth of 0.3m ~ 0.6m. And for the special slide splash area, the water depth should be 0.9m ~ 4m.

When it comes to the rafting river, the water depth should not be greater than 1.2m. And for the children’s pool, the water depth should not be greater than 0.3m, with a maximum depth of 0.6m.

For the water amusement park equipment rafting rivers, the average surface velocity should be less than 2m/s, and the width should not be less than 2.5m. And of course, we want to make sure that the pushing, wave-making devices, and ancillary facilities do not harm our beloved tourists.

The wave height of the swimming pool should be no more than 1.2m, and the big wave should be no more than 3.0m. And for safety reasons, at least two independent, fixed, and non-professional safety grids should be installed at the backwater inlet of the water circulation system.

Last but not least, various amusement pools should be set up separately, and isolation devices should be set up if the waters are connected.

Now that you know the classification and precautions of water amusement park equipment, it’s time to make a splash! Check out Alunch Water Park for a fun-filled day of water activities:

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