Planning is Key to Success


Happy Summer Time Family Fun Party Typical Water Playground Water House with Spray Toys How To Plan And Design A Water Park To Be Perfect   Almost every city across the country has one or two water park scenic spots, which have become universal and popular scenic spots. The water amusement equipment in the scenic […]

Investment depends on Budge

How Much Does It Cost To Invest In Water Park Facilities?   To Invest In A Water Park, You Have To Prepare Enough Funds. In Addition To The Venue And Equipment.  The Most Concerned Thing Should Be How Much Money You Need To Invest!  So How Much Does It Cost For Investors To Invest In […]

Market survey is important


How To Operate And Manage The Water Park How can water parks maximize their benefits? With the advent of summer, the weather gets hotter and people’s enthusiasm for water is getting higher and higher. Therefore, investors have turned their eyes to the darling of summer—water amusement park. But after a period of time, most of […]

Can’t Ignore Secondary consumer


With Delicious Food Are A Universal Resource In Guangdong There are hundreds of hot spring scenic spots, and the market competition is fierce.Hot spring waterpark with delicious food is a trend.It should be said that the marketing of Guangdong hot spring scenic spots is not easy to do. In terms of resources and products, it […]