Water park equipment manufacturers recommend planning, landscape design, construction design, and safety and service aspects for water parks. These include distinguishing the facility area and leisure area, locating tsunami pools in the center, providing leisure space for elderly and women, setting large and high equipment, adding foot disinfection facilities, choosing non-thorn plants, setting up temporary storage facilities, considering theme style for architecture design, increasing exterior space for service buildings, adding a third toilet, setting up rescue channels and infirmaries, and providing food purchase points.



4 Design Principles Recommended by Water Park Equipment Manufacturers

Are you planning to build a water park? Well, you’re in luck because water park equipment manufacturers have some recommendations for you! Here are four design principles that they highly recommend:

1. Distinguish the facility area and the leisure area, and make sure the planning ratio is appropriate. You don’t want your guests to be confused about where they should be.

2. Place the tsunami pools in the center of the water park. It’s like the heart of the park, pumping excitement to all the other attractions.

3. Make sure the children’s pool has enough space for the elderly and women who don’t want to get wet. It’s important to cater to all types of guests.

4. Put the large and high water park equipment deep in the park to attract tourists. It’s like a treasure hunt, and everyone loves a good adventure.

But wait, there’s more! Here are some additional recommendations for landscape design, construction design, safety, and service:

– Set the water amusement park equipment at the commanding heights of the scenic area. It’s like being on top of the world, but with water.

– Lazy river products are a must-have. Make sure the water quality is clear, the river setting is round and reasonable, and the flow rate is controlled. And don’t forget the interactive water cannons!

– Choose non-thorn, non-toxic, non-deciduous plants for the park. We don’t want any prickly situations.

– Provide foot disinfection facilities before entering the park and the pool. We want to keep our guests healthy and happy.

– Consider the needs of the disabled and pregnant women when designing the toilet. And add a third toilet, just in case.

– Safety first! Add an infirmary and emergency external defibrillators within a certain range. We want our guests to feel safe and secure.

– Open shower rooms are the way to go. No need for doors or curtains, it saves space and scenic resources during peak periods.

– More food purchase points, please! But make sure they’re widely distributed and won’t pollute the water in the scenic area.

So there you have it, folks! Follow these recommendations and you’ll have a water park that’s sure to make a splash. And if you’re looking for a place to visit, check out Alunch Water Park at It’s a great example of these design principles in action!

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