With Delicious Food Are A Universal Resource In Guangdong

There are hundreds of hot spring scenic spots, and the market competition is fierce.Hot spring waterpark with delicious food is a trend.It should be said that the marketing of Guangdong hot spring scenic spots is not easy to do. In terms of resources and products, it has been difficult to differentiate; in terms of service and management, it is easy to be imitated and surpassed by competitors. Among them, the marketing of large hot spring resorts is the most difficult. It is difficult to meet the diverse needs of a large customer base with a single hot spring product. 

Since the beginning of this year, with the gradual implementation of the eight regulations and the promulgation and implementation of the “Tourism Law”, the conference team and public-funded tourism have been drastically reduced, and life in large hot spring resorts has been very difficult. However, Jiangmen Gudou Hot Spring Resort, which has a total of 1,200 guest rooms, has a booming business this year, with tourist reception exceeding 500,000 in one fell swoop. In the off-season of summer hot springs, there is also a hot market for a house on weekends. 


Why Can They Achieve Such Performance? 

  1. Mainly from three aspects of marketing innovation. One is to track customer needs, integrate other tourism elements, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of scenic spots. Recently, I went to Gudou Hot Spring to participate in a forum activity and found that the nightlife in the scenic spot is particularly rich. Various snacks and barbecues are lined up along the river, attracting many tourists from the hot spring area, and various dynamic songs and dances continue until the second time. The day ended at two or three in the morning. 

  2. When communicating with the chairman, Mr. Han Zhiming, I asked him how he designed the business model of nightlife? He said that it was not deliberate, because after a long period of observation, he found that tourists tend to be hungry after bathing in hot springs, and the scenic spot is far away from the city. It is very inconvenient for tourists to go out to eat, so such a snack plaza is specially made for tourists. I did not expect it to be popular with tourists, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger.

  3. The second is to enrich product experience and tap local food characteristics. Inspired by the commercial success of the Snack Plaza, the management of the scenic spot began to realize that it is not enough to make hot spring products to attract and retain repeat customers in the hot spring scenic spot. It is also necessary to pay attention to the tourist consumption chain of tourists. Food is the key link.

  4. To this end, the scenic spot looks at the characteristic resources of Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, and selects and develops three major gourmet products-Gujing roast goose, Yamen water crab, Tianshui radish. Gujing roast goose is produced in Gujing Town and is a well-known specialty of Xinhui. It is said to be made with the secret recipe of the Southern Song Dynasty.


Its flavor has the characteristics of crispy skin and beautiful juice, which is deeply loved by diners. In order to allow tourists to taste the authentic Gujing roasted goose, the scenic spot has specially signed the famous chef of Gujing Town to cook regularly every day and ensure that it is delivered to the table for one hour; the Yamen water crab is produced at the estuary of Yinzhou Lake, Yamen, Xinhui , Is the junction of salt and fresh water, the taste is sweet. 

The scenic area has developed a series of products such as water crab porridge, water crab boiled winter melon, and water crab steamed eggs; on the eve of Qingming Festival, in order to promote the Yamen water crab, the scenic area invited TVB’s “May Sister Please” program group to invite the gourmet “May Sister” —— Feng Meiji brought TVB artists to Gudou Hot Spring to taste water crabs. Sweet radish is produced in Tianshui Village, located in the basin of the Gudou Mountains. 

The unique geographical conditions make it particularly sweet and crisp. The so-called “Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”, in autumn and winter, the scenic spot has not only developed a series of radish delicacies, but also specially developed a WeChat game which is upgraded and upgraded by smashing radish, allowing tourists to eat and play, full of fun. The third is to keep abreast of social hot spots and carry out various entertainment activities. 

In 2015, Gudou Hot Spring waterpark with food hosted a series of delicious food,sports, cultural and entertainment activities around various festivals and major events. There are greenway riding and climbing competitions in spring, large-scale music evenings on Children’s Day on June 1st, and romantic beach music carnivals in summer. For the parent-child travel market, special activities such as creative moon cake DIY and Luminous Kite Festival were also launched. 

As a result, Gudou Hot Spring with food broke through the single hot spring product model and began to build a leisure and tourism complex. Starting with food and entertainment, enriching the tourist experience, creating new customer value, and striving to increase the rate of return are the reasons why Gudou Hot Spring can quickly adapt to market changes under the new situation.